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& Key Staff

The Rhodes/Rothman family has owned and operated Deerkill Day Camp since its founding in 1958. Founded by Irwin and Midge Rhodes, Deerkill Day Camp is now directed by their granddaughter, Rebecca, and her husband Todd Rothman.

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Todd and daughter, Caroline

Todd Rothman

B.A. Tufts University, M.B.A. NYU Stern School of Business

Prior to joining Deerkill as a Director in 2007, Todd’s camping experience included seven summers as a camper and counselor at an overnight summer camp in Cape Cod. In addition to working full-time at Deerkill throughout the year, Todd has served on the Board for the American Camp Association (NY/NJ) and has served as President of the Rockland-Westchester Day Camp Association for 3 years. He currently is on the Board of the New York State Camp Directors Association. His greatest accomplishment though may be as the President of his kids’ elementary school PTA during COVID! Todd enjoys playing basketball and watching his hometown Boston sports teams but he most enjoys making his children (Isaac, Henry and Caroline) laugh.

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Rebecca and son, Henry

Rebecca Rhodes Rothman

B.A. Washington University in St. Louis, M.S. Teachers College, Columbia Univ.

Rebecca started at Deerkill as a camper when she was 3 years old and is now a 3rd-generation Director. She has worked at Deerkill as a Group Counselor, Specialty Head and Waterfront Director among other positions. You name it, she’s done it. Rebecca is also a speech-language pathologist who works with children of all ages. Rebecca enjoys swimming, skiing, and hiking but her favorite pastime is playing with her and Todd’s sons Isaac and Henry and daughter Caroline. She is not a sports fan per se but does put up with Todd’s fandom (for the most part).

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Robert Rhodes (Director Emeritus)

B.A. Univ. of Michigan, M.A. Columbia Univ., Ph.D. Princeton Univ.

Bob was a counselor at Deerkill Day Camp during his college years. He returned after ten years as a college professor to join his parents as a Director in 1977 and has never left. Bob and his father Irwin Rhodes co-authored Fundamentals of Day Camping published by the American Camp Association. Bob’s hobbies include photography, hiking and reading.

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Karen Rhodes (Director Emeritus)

B.S. Barnard College, M.A. Brooklyn College, and Ph.D. Fordham

Karen has been a Director since 1977. Karen is a licensed psychologist. She has post-doctoral training in family therapy (FIW) and has taught child development courses in college. Karen was also a school psychologist for many years and currently has a private practice specializing in family therapy. Karen is an avid watercolor artist who loves painting outdoor scenes and enjoys traveling abroad.

The Founders

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Rebecca’s grandparents Irwin (J.D. NYU) and Midge (A.B. Hunter College) founded Deerkill Park Day Camp in 1958 (later dropping the “Park”). Irwin had previously followed his parents as Director of the sleep away camps High Lake and Winona. He and Midge purchased Deerkill as a summer camp for the boys and girls who visited the bungalow colony across the street every summer. Irwin was also a trustee of the Robert Louis Steven School for many years as well as a local homebuilder - perhaps his most famous building is Deerkill’s own basketball pavilion, an area landmark.

Our Year Round Staff

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Dennis Gordon

Dennis is our Head of Programming and Transportation. He holds a Master’s in Integrating Technology in the Classroom and was a Social Studies/Technology teacher for 20 years. He enjoys playing sports, reading, and seeing live music. He has been at Deerkill for 14 years and has been working at camps for over 30 years.

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Pam McAndrew

After working for nine summers as our Summer Office Manager, Pam joined us year-round in our camp office in 2023. In her role as Business Office Manager, Pam helps facilitate camper enrollment, serves as a liaison to our parents’ off-season needs and publishes the camp newspaper among many other things. Her daughter also works at Deerkill.

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Colleen Tirtirian

Colleen started with Deerkill in 2010 and 2011, working as a Group Leader, before returning 11 years later in 2022 as our Head of Adventure Course. She added the year-round title of Head of Marketing and Recruiting in 2023 and helps hire our amazing camp staff. Colleen is an avid climber (of course) and her twins also attend Deerkill.

Our Leadership Staff

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Mat Malden

Mat is the Head of the Waterfront. He has a Masters in Teaching from STAC. Mat has been a camper since 1988 and has worked on the waterfront for over 20 years. As an American Red Cross instructor, he has trained many of our own lifeguards as well as other local camps’ staff. He is a teacher in a local elementary school and is looking forward to winning the inter-camp softball championship for Deerkill!

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Steve Greenberg

Steve is in his 18th year at Deerkill and is the Head Counselor for the Upper Camp boy groups. He is a 6th Grade Teacher at Felix Festa Middle School with an M.S. in Education and Special Education. He also coaches wrestling and softball. Steve enjoys spending time with his twin daughters (who are also campers) and his wife Mallory.

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Mallory Greenberg

Mallory has been at Deerkill since 2005 and is the Head Counselor for the Upper Girls groups. She has a Master’s in Special Education and is a Special Education Teacher in Monroe, NY. She loves spending time with her family and friends, but her favorite activity is chasing her and Steve’s twin girls.

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Colleen McCabe

Colleen started at Deerkill as a camper in 1997 and is now the Head of Junior Camp. She has been a counselor with us for over ten years, working with the girls going into Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade. Colleen has a Masters in Educational Technology and is a 2nd Grade teacher in Monroe, NY. She is very excited to celebrate her son and daughter becoming Deerkill High-Fivers this summer!

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Mike Litt

Mike is our Scheduling Coordinator and Head of our Club program. He is currently a Math Coach for NY City Department of Education. He has been at Deerkill since 1991 as a counselor and co-manages & plays on the staff softball team. This is his 28th year as a group leader for the 7 year old boys group. Mike’s two daughters are also at Deerkill this summer.

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Josh Dank

This is Josh’s 26th year at Deerkill as a counselor. He leads our Quest elective program. Josh has a Master’s Degree from the University of Albany and teaches in the Bronx. He is crazy about softball and co-manages the Deerkill staff team along with Mike Litt.

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Diane Murray

Diane has been the Theater Arts Specialist at Deerkill for 12 years and both of her daughters have “graduated” from the camp program. In 2022, she took on a new role as our Head of Specialty Programming. During the school year, Diane teaches 6th grade at Elysian Charter School in Hoboken and is also an adjunct professor at American University in Washington, DC, in the School of Education.

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Lyndsey Stodnick

Lyndsey is back for her 2nd summer as our Head of Summer Programming and her 9th summer overall. During the school year, Lyndsey is a 5th grade Language Arts Teacher, enjoys crafting and DIY projects and is the camp authority on all things macrame and lanyard.

Our Summer Office Staff

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Dara Gottlieb

Dara is returning for her 9th summer as our Forms Administrator and Attendance Coordinator. She has an M.S. in Social Work from Columbia and her daughter Carly attends Deerkill.

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Rosina Hirsh

Rosina is in her 25th year at Deerkill as our bookkeeper. She has her own consulting company. Both of her children attended and worked at Deerkill.

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Traci Cohen

This is Traci’s 2nd summer at Deerkill. She is our Summer Office Manager. Traci has been a chef in the restaurant industry for over 25 years. Her son attends Deerkill and is well known for his comedy routine at Talent Show.

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Judy Bruno

Judy is a long time Deerkill camper that has returned to be part of our staff with her daughter Rachel. She does just about everything during a typical camp day!

We are so proud of the fact that so many of our staff return year after year to be part of our extended Deerkill Day Camp family.