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Group Staff

Group Leader

Our Group Leaders are all college graduates. Most are teachers, some are parents and some do whatever they have to do the other 10 months of the year just so they can return to camp each summer. Group Leaders are ultimately responsible for a group of roughly 18 children of similar age and gender. Many of our Group Leaders have been with us for years.

Full Group Leader Job Description (PDF)

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Senior Group Counselor

Senior Group Counselors are mostly college students who serve as second in a group and who assist the Group Leaders in making sure our campers are safe and having the best summer of their lives! They play a critical role in the summers of our campers and gain great experience for the future.

Full Senior Group Counselor Job Description (PDF)

Junior Group Counselor / Specialty Assistant

Counselors entering their Junior or Senior years of high school are either Specialty Assistants or Junior Group Counselors. Many of these counselors are former campers finally getting a peek behind the curtain, however many are also new counselors looking for their first work experience.

Full Junior Group Counselor Job Description (PDF)

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Group Staff

With Group Leaders, Senior Counselors, and Juniors Counselors, there’s opportunity for anyone, no matter your experience. Learn more about what it takes to become a member of our group staff.

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Specialty Staff

We have 16 specialties at camp, each of which is led by a counselor who has a wealth of knowledge and a breadth of experience with instruction. Learn about what it takes to become a Specialty Staff member.

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Waterfront Staff

Responsible for the safety of our campers in the pool and swim instruction are the two main pillars of our waterfront staff. Learn about what it takes to become a Waterfront Staff member.

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The Health Care Manager is responsible for overseeing the health and safety of campers and staff. See what it takes to become a member our Medical team.

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Kitchen Staff

Our Kitchen staff are a critical part of our camp, ensuring all of our campers and staff have tasty and fulfilling meals. Learn more about becoming a member of our Kitchen Staff.

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Maintenance Staff

Our Maintenance staff go to great lengths to ensure our grounds are clean, safe and ready for fun! Learn more about becoming a member of our Maintenance Staff.

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